Who We Are

Accelerating the adoption and commercialization of artificial intelligence (AI) in Western Canada

ISAIC supports organizations that are focused on AI adoption and commercialization of AI products or services including:

  • Startups;
  • Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs);
  • Instructors using AI in their classrooms; and
  • Industry collaborations with researchers


We accelerate and transform AI & machine learning projects by offering local high-performance computational resources & equipment in our AI Garage, a secure environment for data driven collaboration in our Data Sandbox and access to top tier technical support

ISAIC powers your AI projects by enabling you to train and deploy AI/ML models faster, allowing you to save time and money with the flexibility and customization required to scale your project up or down as needed. Our equipment and resources provide benefits that can give you a competitive advantage in getting your solutions to market.

ISAIC’s Story - Driven by Entrepreneurs

In 2017, a group of Edmonton entrepreneurs identified a need for powerful and faster computing resources for their AI and machine learning projects. They sought a way to share and maximize their investment realizing that the nature of each project needed scalability and access to resources intermittently and iteratively. Recognizing the world-class expertise and positioning of AI research at the University of Alberta (UofA), they also sought a way to connect this research talent with application and commercialization know-how.

The group identified academic support within the UofA and matching funding to expand these resources to other companies so that a community of AI-enabled businesses could grow. Located at the University of Alberta campus, ISAIC was established with the mandate to provide computational resources and support to accelerate the adoption and commercialization of AI for businesses in Western Canada.


Through our exceptional infrastructure, we power AI/ML projects and support businesses directly while also working amongst other local and regional service providers, institutions and academics to provide solutions to your challenges, and create competitive advantages. Our values centre around being open, creating opportunities to do good, finding creative ways to solve problems, experimentation and discovery, and building trust.

We do this by:

  • Accelerating AI and ML adoption by understanding, iterating and measuring the progress of companies on the AI journey
  • Finding and filling any service gaps in service with a focus on business outcomes
  • Engaging with businesses directly in developing AI solutions


ISAIC is a growing, diverse team of professionals from various backgrounds ranging from innovation, engineering, business and more. We believe that diversity provides multiple perspectives and promotes creativity. Hence, our ISAIC Mosaic:


We strive to create an experience, and through this, deliver the outcomes our clients desire.


Our team of experts adheres to best practices and standards to keep your data safe, with our local and proven AI solutions. You can be confident in the brokering, hosting and educating role we adopt for your precious data. Plus, no hidden fees!


ISAIC is a partnership you can be confident to deliver and evolve with you to enable your long term goals and organizational vision.


Affordable, available, scalable infrastructure to help you reach your AI goals faster with freedom, combined with a friction-free, highly tailored user experience along the way.


Pairing know-how and sharing resources to accelerate your AI products and solutions. Building community through streamlined matchmaking, cross-discipline relationship brokering and events that stretch diversity of participation and design.


We are continuously monitoring market trends and listening to our clients to expand our service offerings to accommodate your unique needs. Our flexible portfolio of services can be mixed and matched and evolve to be relevant for a diverse clientele.