ISAIC (ai-zey-ihk) is an acronym for Industry Sandbox and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Computing.

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Our mission

To meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Western Canada for the infrastructure and applied knowledge that supports their adoption and commercialization of AI.

Our vision

Western Canadian businesses are AI enabled.
New businesses have emerged with AI as their core value proposition.
Current businesses have advanced their core product, processes, systems to include AI.

Driven by Entrepreneurs

In 2019, a group of companies identified a need for powerful and faster computing resources for their AI and machine learning projects; however they realized they only needed these resources intermittently and iteratively.

Through an established partnership agreement among the companies, they purchased a cluster of high-performance computational resources that could be shared when not in use.

As the group grew, it took on more members and eventually received matching funding to expand the service to other companies. ISAIC was established with the mandate to provide computational resources to accelerate the adoption and commercialization of AI for businesses in Western Canada. Its office is located on campus at the University of Alberta.