Powering your A.I.mbition

Local, high-performance computing, data sandbox and in-person support to accelerate your machine learning projects.

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Our goal is to accelerate business adoption and commercialization of AI across Western Canada.

ISAIC [ai-zey-ihk] provides infrastructure and high-performance computing that is affordable, tailorable, and scalable. Our data sandboxes allow you to collaborate easily and safely in a virtual environment while working and experimenting with high quality data. Through our strategic partnerships, we connect you to applied knowledge and resources to help move your AI journey forward.


Get set up with a secure virtual cloud computing environment through ISAIC’s AI Garage. Access a number of resources (such as GPUs, storage, and tools) at lower costs and with more flexibility. Not sure where to start? We can help.

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Data Sandbox for Industry

ISAIC can provide secure, customizable, and contained data sandboxes for data science and machine learning. Collaborate and experiment on novel projects with multiple partners in a data-safe and risk-free virtual environment.

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Applied Knowledge Hub

Get connected to solutions to your unique AI problems. Whether you’re just starting out with AI/ML or are an experienced professional, there will always be unique challenges that crop up. From identifying product-market fit to grappling with messy data, ISAIC can help.

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Get Involved

Want to get involved and help accelerate the A.I.mbition of companies across Western Canada? Attend our upcoming events, volunteer as a mentor or advisor for a company, become a mentee, or support a student on their AI journey.

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Western Canadian businesses, big and small, are accelerating their AI with ISAIC.

"Purchasing and maintaining computing infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming. Had ISAIC existed a year ago we would have saved ourselves a lot of money and effort.”

Dr. Salim Samanani
Founder and Medical Director, OKAKI