Accelerating AI for Business

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Significantly reduce the time it takes to train and deploy your AI models

ISAIC [ai-zey-ihk] accelerates business adoption and commercialization of AI across Western Canada. We provide infrastructure and high-performance computing for entrepreneurs, doers and innovators, enabling rapid development of AI solutions to solve problems, drive efficiency, or make smarter decisions for your business.



Take your AI projects to the next level with our high-performance computing, storage, cores, tools and processing.

There are no limits to your AI projects when you use a combination of our accessible, on-demand CPUs and GPUs. We provide custom environments and setups to fit your need and project.

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Data Sandbox for Industry

Experiment and collaborate in a secure and supported environment for wrangling, pre-processing, and all things data.

Data from various sources can be ingested, connected and processed in our environment, enabling collaborations and experimentations between you and multiple partners or the public. From data cleaning to governance, we also connect you to capacity and applied knowledge to address your data needs and challenges.

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Community and Partnerships

Bridging businesses with resources and collaborators needed to quickly move AI and data-led initiatives forward.

Situated at the University of Alberta, we help businesses navigate and access AI talent and capacity directly or through university-industry partnerships. We also work with organizations to co-run data hackathons or partner on large-scale data projects, leveraging our infrastructure and computational resources.

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Work with complex datasets and collaborate easily with partners.

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Accelerating AI For Businesses Across Western Canada